Threaded Hole Location Gages

Spence Industries, Inc. manufactures top quality threaded hole location gages with a solid thread form. Pitch diameters are calibrated using the universal three wire method and provide a constant number which aligns with the pitch diameter of the internal thread. Upward pressure on the precision ground thread flanks centers the JO-PLUG® to the thread axis for repeatable and reproducible results. Custom tapped hole location gages are also available for unique applications.

Superior Quality Location Gages

Our Precision JO-PLUGS® are made from wear-resistant Graph-Mo # 06 oil-hardening tool steel and hardened to 60/62 Rockwell. Calibration can be performed at customer determined intervals to verify dimensions over time. Solid threads do not bend or break.

As opposed to the tedious task of measuring the minor diameter of an internal thread with a CMM, JO-PLUGS® offer a practical, accurate and time-saving solution. With a .625 long gaging diameter, the CMM probe can take a high and low reading to determine perpendicularity in addition to true position. Independent studies have verified repeatable and reproducible results. The accuracy of our gages has made us the “go-to” company for America’s most discerning Quality labs.

Our Commitment to Customers

We provide fast, reliable service to the leaders and best in the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronic and medical device industries. Our repeat customers for threaded hole location gages are a testimony to our continued success and their reliance on our practical, accurate and time-saving true position gages is appreciated. Questions about our off-the-shelf tapped hole location gages or custom threaded hole location gages can be directed via email to or by calling (586) 758-3800.